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The Gang is a game development studio focusing on building high quality Roblox games for PC, Mobile and Xbox.

100M+ sessions played

10 games released

1M+ community members

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Our Games

NERF Strike - Port

NERF Strike

Blast your opponents, unlock and customize blasters in different awesome looking levels and game modes.

This production is a collaboration between The Gang, The Metaverse and Hasbro.

Tapping Simulator

Tap your way to rebirth, collect pets and get upgrades in order to increase your tapping to insane levels

Released in 2020, 85M+ Visits


Become the greatest Bloxymon trainer. Battle, defeat, and capture Bloxymon to add them to your collection.

This game was part of the Roblox 2020 Accelerator

Lumberjack Legends

Lumberjack Legends

Collect wood, upgrade your gear and rank, and explore new fantastic worlds!

This game was a collaboration between The Gang and Sweden’s largest Roblox YouTuber Tomu