Major update that enabled the new feature player-vs-player (PVP) combat. Engaging in PVP combat is optional and your skill is rated by the ELO rating system.

Major features

  • New area on village island: Plaza of War
    Here you can find everything related to player-vs-player combat.

  • Free-for-all PVP Island (Graveyard)
    You can now engage in Player VS Player combat in the new Graveyard

    House PVP state is indicated by a red icon next to the player nameplate.

  • House PVP
    You enable House PVP by interacting with X, this will allow you to engage in House PVP with anyone from another house that also has it enabled.

    House PVP state is indicated by a white icon next to the player nameplate.

  • Personal ELO System
    New ELO Rating system for determining the PVP skill of players, it is the same system as used in Chess and World of Warcraft.

    You start with an ELO Rating of 1500, and when you win or lose a PVP battle against an opponent your rating will changed based on the opponents ELO.

    In order to get ELO rating both players must have a Roblox account that is 7+ days old and be Rank 2 or higher.

  • House Points for winning PVP battles
    You are awarded 5 House Points for defeating another player in PVP. Each time you kill the player a diminishing return kicks in reducing the amount of house points awarded by 25%, this diminishing return is reset after 2 minutes.

  • PVP Combat State
    When engaging in PVP combat your move speed will become normalized so you fight on equal terms.