Our largest update yet, Update 6 has been released and the features becomes available at the grand opening event of the Marketplace that happens at Thursday 19:00 CET / 1 PM EST / 10 AM PST.

  • Major features
    • House Pets
      You can now buy your house pet for House Points, these pets give a large bonus to all three stats, mana, coins and mushrooms.

      The house pet is not tradeable and you upgrade the rarity of it by investing house points to it. You can only equip the house pet belonging to your house.

      House pet list:
      • Official House Pet for Heronhis: Firasa
      • Official House Pet for Arachnes: Aranexx
      • Official House Pet for Ravenal: Munin
      • Official House Pet for Serpentis: Viper

    • Spells
      You can now engage in spell combat with NPC enemies to gather house points. Spells are unlocked by finding spellbooks in the world or buying them at the market place for house points.

    • Spellbook
      The spell book in the marketplace is used to browse your unlocked spells and allows you to set what spell you want to use in what slot.

    • PvE Combat
      There are Mana Crystals scattered around the village island that you can shoot spells on to gather House Points.

      New PvE events have been added – scarecrow Invasion on the village island and mummy invasion in the Oasis of Umm al-Maa.

    • Potions
      Potions are now available to buy in the marketplace for house points for unlocking temporary buffs and effects. 
      • Poly Lemonade’s to change your appearance
        Pet XP potions to provide 5000 XP to your equipped pets
      • Pet Rarity potion to increase the rarity of your equipped pet with the lowest rarity

    • House Uniform Bonuses
      You will now get 50% bonus House Points per house uniform item you have equipped. So equipping both the shirt and pants from the house you belong will give you 100% House Point bonus.

  • Small features
    • Added nameplate icons for developers

  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed a bug with the Pyramid in  the Oasis of Umm al-Maa that hopefully fixes the lag some players have experienced close to it.
    • Fixed a bug where house challenges can get stuck

  • Localization
    • Added Italian translation

  • Marketplace
    • The House Representatives are done with the marketplace, visit it to get your official uniforms, house pets and more!

  • House challenge events
    • PvE – Scarecrow (main island) – 100 House points to all players on the winning team

  • Server Event
    • PvE – Mummy Event (Oasis of Umm Al-Maa)
      • 20 House Points per Mummy
      • Mummy has 75 Health