This is a preparation update for the PVP update scheduled to be released the 11:th June 19:00 CET / 1 PM EST / 10 AM PST.

Major features

  • Countdown for the release of the Update 7 – PVP
    You can now see a countdown to the PVP update next to the Marketplace.
  • New Daily Reward for Group Members
    You can now claim a daily reward in the village worth collecting 250 mana blobs and selling them if you are a member of The Gang Stockholm on

Minor features and changes

  • Lightning Bolt, Shield and Fireworks spells are now learned by default for all players instead of having to read spell books.
  • The spell book is now placed in the center of the market place instead of by the side.
  • The spell bar now greys out a spell if you have a target that is out of range for that spell.
  • Line of sight check for spells is now ignoring the terrain and fences.
  • The target dummies are now placed in front of the marketplace instead of behind.


  • Spells
    • Lowered the cast time of Lightning Bolt from 2.5 sec to 1.5 sec and changed the damage scaling
    • Lowered the cooldown of Lightning Bolt to 0.2 sec
    • Increased the cast time of Shield and lowered the duration
    • Increased the cooldown of Conflagrate from 2.5 sec to 5 sec and changed the damage scaling
    • Changed Counterspell to trigger a 4 second cooldown on the spell the enemy is currently casting

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the Counterspell effect did not show properly in the player UI for the interrupted player.
  • Fixed Rebirth badges
  • Fixed typo in “Traveling Merchant” texts