The Gang just released the latest game to Roblox: Butterfly Simulator. It is a beautiful simulator where you collect butterflies to get coins, for which you can buy upgrades.

Collect Butterflies

Run around and collect butterflies in the beautiful worlds of Butterfly Simulator

Explore Magical Worlds

Explore the unique settings of Magnolia Ranch, Paradise Resort, New York Ice Rink and Candy Land.

Open eggs to find new pets

Find new pets that will give you awesome bonuses when collecting butterflies!

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The magical worlds of Butterfly Simulator

New York Ice Rink

Rockefellers personal collection of butterflies has escaped, run around to catch them to get some coins! He has plenty.

Paradise Resort

The Paradise Resort have gotten a lot of butterflies, run around in the sun and catch them.

Magnolia Ranch

Catch butterflies around the farmlands in the Magnolia Ranch.

Candy Land

Butterflies seems to love candy! This gives you the opportunity to catch them.